Our Community. Our Children. Our Future.


The Board of Directors at Lilongwe Private School are elected officials managing the interests of the school on voluntary basis. They are highly established entrepreneurs and also residents of the community: our relatives, our neighbors, our community coaches, our PTA volunteers, and our friends, who are devoted to the School’s educational standard of excellence for our children.


Mr. Promod Kalaria

Chairman / Member of the Board

An education of the highest standard is the most impactful quality that parents can give to their children. The next generation of youth in our ever-changing world will need to harness innovative thinking and versatile skills to help address the many challenges that the world currently faces. It is therefore essential that schools around the world provide a holistic international education that prepares their students with the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed and thrive in their lives and careers.

The curriculum that LPS offers is tailored to meet the needs of our modern society and the diversity in learning styles within the cohorts. Offering a plethora of academic and co-curricular activities, allows our students to explore their variegated interests and potential future pursuits. At LPS, we believe that alongside teaching, our students must be encouraged to explore, discover and learn through critical thinking and constructive reflection.

At LPS, we pledge to meet the expectations that we set as a school and continue to deliver a high level of quality education, paving a pathway of success for every single one of our students.  


Mr. Manzoor Bheda

Vice Chairman / Member of the Board

As soon as you arrive at Lilongwe Private School (LPS) you sense that it is a place that is special, friendly and pleasingly different. We feel privileged to lead a distinct institution with such an incredible diverse culture which represents 29 countries. We believe in ethical values and impartiality over all nationalities.

A sense of belonging has been part of the School’s belief since the schools foundation and, although times have changed, our shared values remain constant in our emphasis on developing the whole person.

Our campus is exceptional, with a range of quality facilities. We aim to give every student an Education for Life, with academic achievement at its core and with social and life skills at its heart.

LPS focuses on developing the whole person, aiming to ensure that each student who lives here is ready for the challenges of life. We hold our self and student accountable for their academic performance.

LPS also has an outstanding track record when it comes to releasing outstanding grades from our students; and we continue to make that a priority each academic year.

As educators, we focus on meeting all of the needs of all of our students. In addition to meeting their academic needs, we are also serving their emotional and physical needs. We are very proud of our successes in the areas of fine arts, athletics and technology.

Lastly, at the heart of this great school is the belief that our students dig deeper, reach higher, and stretch further when they feel the embrace of supportive peers and the mentor ship of caring adults who know when and how to challenge them.

Executive Members

Mr. Yunus Pandor


Mr. Idris Qasim


Mr. Faizal Aboobaker


Mr. Imtiaz Dawood

Mr. Jitu Patel


Mr. Mukesh Makadia