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At Lilongwe Private School, we follow Cambridge designed programs to ensure that children are exposed to international primary programs. We emphasize learning through active enquiry and aim to develop a well-rounded child to meet certain competencies and attitudes.

We start learners on an exciting educational journey, setting out what they should learn and do at each stage of their primary education. The programme is designed to help learners develop the skills they need to succeed in their primary education and progress to Middle School by finishing their Cambridge Achievement test.

The main deliverables targeted during early years of Education:

  • Literacy – First language English
  • Numeracy
  • Science and Environmental education
  • Global Perspective
  • ICT and Digital Literacy
  • Second and Foreign Languages
  • Arts – Fine Arts and Performing Arts
  • Personal, Social and Physical Education


Cambridge is the most renowned in 168 countries of the world for its teaching and curriculum quality. Children learning primary programme at LPS are par with the best of international schools across the world.


Quality teaching leads to quality learning. The introductory, extension and enrichment training from Cambridge plays a very important part in the teacher’s planning, practice and assessment skills at LPS.


Formative Nature of Classroom assessment:

There is a baseline and endline assessment for subjects in the classroom. These involve discussions, observations and lesson outputs. LPS uses all assessment guidelines provided by Cambridge to help give formative feedback on the skills for learners to develop, so that they can reflect on and improve their performance.

Baseline Assessment

At the beginning of the school year, each child at LPS is given an opportunity to appear for a diagnostic test to identify the strengths and areas for improvement.

Formation, Continuous Assessment and Monthly tracker

Baseline assessment results will serve as a guideline in developing programs to support each child’s aptitude. Collectively, these programs will help each child to progress towards their full potential. Our teachers too carefully monitor, and at times provide individual support and effective feedback so that children stay in course to achieve what is expected of them. End of every month, a student led, teacher and parent discussion is facilitated to discuss child’s progress, and also the set action plans for the upcoming month.

Endline Assessment

End of every term, the endline assessment will reflect on the continuous progression in a child’s learning, providing data to support further progress.

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